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Squarepeg Automotive (SPA & FM Ltd) was born out of continued client dissatisfaction with suppliers who simply saw them as revenue streams. With 20 years experience of the vehicle rental and contract hire market and over 25 years experience of accident management and vehicle repair we pooled our knowledge and set up Square Peg Automotive.

Our aim is simply to offer value for money, combined with first class service. Whether you need a fleet of vehicles or just a personal motor, you’ll find the best choice and competitive rates here.

We provide a full service, even taking care of repairs and refurbishments. Quality workmanship at trade rates, with all work guaranteed. We’re the locally based company with nationwide reach.



Squarepeg Automotive are experienced in transport: from supply and repair through to disposal. The review of your fleet can be scaled to suit your needs but will include as a minimum the following three key points:-

A snapshot in time of the condition of your fleet and an estimate per unit should you de-fleet to BVRLA standards. This ensures you only pay for essential work, not wear and tear. Additionally, if your fleet is owned we can perform minimum repairs to get maximum asset return. we are regularly saving our clients thousands of pounds per year against standard return costs and expensive hourly labour rates.

A full life cost and efficiency analysis, enabling you to ensure that you’re getting the best value.

A concise list of cost saving and/or greener alternatives.



Squarepeg Automotive have two fully ‘insurance accredited’ body shops. One specialises in end of life refurbishment, ensuring no overcharging from the leasing or rental company. We arrange for the vehicles to be either collected from ourselves or returned to the provider and guarantee no additional costs above our estimate. The other body shop undertakes all our insurance work and non-fault claims.

We have partnered with a specialist firm of solicitors who ensure that if it’s non-fault you get quick resolution and repair, financial compensation (should the driver be off injured) and a free-of-charge replacement vehicle, all at no cost to you or your insurers. We offer free of charge nationwide recovery and return. We’ll do everything we can to get your vehicles back on the road with the minimum cost and fuss.



Squarepeg Automotive has many years of experience in all aspects of vehicle provision, we don’t just sell a ‘one size fits all’ package. Most fleets benefit from a mixed procurement method and our advice and experience can, and has, proved vital in the support and growth of many local businesses.

Rental – From a sole trader to a national PLC, we can provide flexible rental packages, offering true off balance sheet procurement on a vast range of vehicles ideal for short term contracts or fluid fleets.

Contract Hire – We might not be the biggest contract hire company but we supply between 30 and 40 vehicles per month to both business and personal clients with guaranteed access to the UK’s largest funders and cheapest deals.

Outright Purchase – We have long standing relationships with many of the main manufacturers and with our buying power we are certain to be able to offer an outright purchase deal that will grab your attention. We also have great used van and car purchase deals, if you’re looking for a pre-loved vehicle.